Private Cloud for your Data

Protect and synchronize your files.

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Private Cloud for Data on SSD (Solid State Drive) package for your files. 99%/year up-time.
Recommended for hosting, syncronizing and sharing files for a small company or a private portfolio without to many requirements.

per month (Billing: Yearly)


Labels Values Units
5,120 (5)
Desktop Sync Software:
Windows, MacOS, Linux
Mobiles Sync Software:
Windows Mobile, iOS, Android
Office Feature (create/edit):
Text files, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations

Some of the Things that We Do

Hosting for Web Site

Multi Server Hosting for Web Sites on SSD with backups to remote locations for web files, databases & email boxes...

Email for Corporate

Exchange Server service with real time updated information to all members of the network through a platform that insures synchronization.

Support for Remotes

Subscriptions for the service of Remote Support, for companies that need an engineer at hand. Covers Workstations & Servers, Applications & OS.