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For a successful newsletter campaign all materials, information and data that you use must be orderly, consistent and clear.

The best tool for achieving written articles is Notepad. A text in Word, due to the formatting of fonts and colors will generate mixed and confusing codes so you risk that your newsletter service provider need to perform additional trimming operations that cost extra.

The contact list or subscribers list is very important when preparing a newsletter transmission.

As a general rule any database contain all information about a contact. If your contact list is in Outloock for example, you can provide the Excel file that Outloock generates very easy. Any other email software should do the same.

It is not useful to throw the contact database by Copy / Paste to Excel because you introduce a lot of unnecessary characters (apostrophes, quotation marks, brackets, etc.) and data will not be efficiently usable.

Pay attention that in order to have efficiency and to avoid categorization as SPAM, newsletter engines do not need ballast mentions. The contact lists are recorded frequently with incomplete names of individuals or nicknames.

The correct format of the contact list needed for a newsletter campaign is:

Email – First name - Name

Three columns, simple and clear. Using this structure you have the advantage that during the campaign, your newsletter goes directly to contact’s inbox, not in SPAM.

And we should not omit to mention that even you, if you receive a newsletter and see that your name does not appear in the recipient section, you erase it or ignore it.

By following the above tips you will definitely have the guarantee that effectiveness of communication does not diminishes, time spent for the realization of the newsletter campaign is short and preparation costs do not rise.