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Extremely useful for business but also for personal users too. This service is Outlook friendly.

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For small, medium or corporate business but also useful for individual use Exchange Server service gives access for real time updated information to all members of the network through a dedicated platform that insures synchronization between any network device that supports exchange: smartphone, pad, laptop, PC. Your network will be in direct contact one to another with access to all documents, files and data updated in real time, using any device and from any location.

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Mailbox: 2GB 3 x 2GB
Active Sync:
Outlook Web:
Outlook Native:
Public Folders:
Price / month:

Depending on the complexity it might require a setup fee, but most of the time no setup fee.  USD price on 2024-07-13 06:00:04 ECB & Bitfinex:  0.9157, RON 4.5572, 0.00001717

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