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It's what you need and always up to date.  It's your great work online in the cloud

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One of the best web hosting for under a dollar, with office online.  The modular web hosting approach is aimed for wishing to cover a wide range of performance and needs.  This approach can also adapt to customers, by defining a scalable multi-server architecture that allows them to design their own web hosting package at the least cost.  You only choose what is needed!  Hosted on SSD, with an uptime of 99.9%, with ability to make backups for web files, databases and e-mails, it's recommended for hosting any web site and online office of a small company or a large enterprise.

It's what you need and always up to date!

Be more creative and achieve what matters with the Webmail App, Files App, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Calendar, Tasks, and more.  With a Cloud Office you get the latest versions and updates when they are available.

It is your great work online in the cloud!

Files App makes the work you do available to you or colleagues when you collabrate.  Cloud Office is an online office suite, which allows users to create and edit files using web apps, all of which are accessible from a unified interface.
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Some of the Things that We Do

Email for Corporate

Exchange Server service with real time updated information to all members of the network through a platform that insures synchronization.

Support for Remotes

Subscriptions for the service of Remote Support, for companies that need an engineer at hand. Covers Workstations & Servers, Applications & OS.

Cloud for your Data

A safe home for all your data. Access, share and protect your files. Communication & more at home and in your enterprise.