Time Machine

AnyTime & AnyWhere - Backup Solution. Placed and installed on your network, the Time Machine will record changes made on a volume. Whenever data is edited or updated, the old data is always left intact and the edits are stored at a new (unused) location on the disk.

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Optional to this service you can have an Remote Cloud Time Machine, as a backup or syncronized strategy. Every change can be traced back in time, allowing an administrator to discard the latest changes and revert to an earlier state. Cost implications depend on the necessity of your network and arhitecture.

Implementation: / hour work
Network Administrator Training: / hour work
Support & Administration (optional): / hour work
On-site Server: depending on on-site necessity (*)
Remote Cloud Time Machine (optional): / 10 GB

All the works are done with a Cost Estimate approval.  USD price on 2024-07-13 06:00:04 ECB & Bitfinex:  0.9157, RON 4.5572, 0.00001717, Ƀ 0.00001717
(*) On-site necessity refers to: users, workstations, number of data sets, disk space.

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