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A marketing tool, with modern design, adaptive and friendly with any terminal device - smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC.

Based on materials provided by the customer and the communication goals, we design a concise, attractive, communicative newsletter format, with the possibility of having multiple language versions.

We test every newsletter before launching the campaign, making sure that it is working efficiently and accurately with all email clients software, we ensure that HTML and text versions are consistent and subject is SPAM checked.

Our newsletters contain the unsubscribe option, in accordance with the law in force in most countries.

The content of a newsletter and the newsletter itself are hosted and available to be viewed online in our account for the whole campaign duration.

To assess a newsletter campaign there are a series of reports that provide relevant data::
  • Successful deliveries – highlights the timeliness and validity of the contact database;
  • Open rate – indicates the degree of interest shown by the partners on the subject;
  • Click rate – indicates the number of unique clicks;
  • Bounced – rejection rate per contact / address validation;
  • Subscribed rate – subscription due to the voluntary action of the partner;
  • Unsubscribed – unsubscribtion due to the voluntary action of the partner;
  • Top links clicked – accessed links from the newsletter content;
  • Subscribers with most opens – indicates the number of repeated visits per subscriber;
  • Social performance – indicates accessed social networking sites if they were included in the newsletter (Faceboock, Twiter, etc.);
  • Top locations by opens - indicate hierarchy hits by geographical areas;
  • According to the relevance for the client, reports can be selected individually or as a whole.

    Reports can be synthesized as a percentage and/or graphic form.

    Together with the client we can analyze and evaluate the current newsletter campaign in order to optimize and adjust certain aspects that will be applied in future newsletter campaigns.