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Starting June the 3th, 2015 RoTLD Authority will register domain names with Romanian diacriticals.

For more information or any questions like "What IDNA means?", "What is a IDN domain (domain with diacriticals)?", "How many characters could be used in a domain name?" and so on, please go to RoTLD

We list bellow Romanian letters with diacriticals allowed in domain name registration .ro, besides ASCII set of characters allowed in domain names (alphanumeric characters a-x, 0-9 and hiphen character “-“.

Unicode Character Code Point Hexadecimal representation UTF-8 Binary representation UTF-8 (BAZA#INTREG_BINAR) Description
Ţ 538 0x21A 2#001000011011. latin capital letter T with comma below
ț 539 0x21B 2#001000011011. latin small letter t with comma below
Ș 536 0x218 2#001000011000. latin capital letter s with comma below
ș 537 0x219 2#001000011001. latin small letter s with comma below
ă 259 0x103 2#000100000011. latin small letter a with breve
Ă 258 0x102 2#000100000010. latin capital letter a with breve
î 238 0xEE 2#11101110. latin small letter i with circumflex
Î 206 0xCE 2#11001110. latin capital letter i with circumflex
â 226 0xE2 2#11100010. latin small letter a with circumflex
 194 0xC2 2#11000010. latin capital letter a with circumflex