Addons to Web Site Hosting

We offer 4 addons for web site hosting plans.

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Add even more SSD space for your emails. Our bigger space email addon.
Recommended for bigger projects.

per month (Billing: Yearly)


Labels Values Units
Email quota:
14,200 (13.87)
Backup to remote server of web files, databases & email boxes:
142,000 (138.67)

Some of the Things that We Do

Email for Corporate

Exchange Server service with real time updated information to all members of the network through a platform that insures synchronization.

Support for Remotes

Subscriptions for the service of Remote Support, for companies that need an engineer at hand. Covers Workstations & Servers, Applications & OS.

Cloud for your Data

A safe home for all your data. Access, share and protect your files. Communication & more at home and in your enterprise.